‘Beautiful, vehement playing’ The Daily Telegraph

Clare plays violin, baroque violin, hurdy gurdy, nyckelharpa, medieval vielle, rebec, hardanger fiddle and accordion and her work covers a broad spectrum of musical roles and styles. A music degree at Oxford University and three years as a postgraduate at The Royal College of Music and The Guildhall School of Music and Drama led to work with all the major period instrument ensembles in the UK.  She has led and directed many ensembles including Barokkanerne and Florilegium. Her interest in non-Western music has led to collaborations with musicians from Norway, Tanzania, Iran, Spain, India and France, as well as traditional music players from the UK. She teaches at the Royal College of Music. This year she wrote and presented three broadcasts of the Early Music Show on BBC Radio 3. In 2010 she founded ‘The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments’ which is now the focus of her work.


Rachel Brown  flute and recorder


Adrian Butterfield  violin


Oliver Webber  violin


Clare Salaman  violin and hurdy-gurdy


Rachel Byrt  viola


Katherine Sharman  cello and gamba


Cecelia Bruggemeyer  double bass


Peter Buckoke double bass


Silas Wollston  harpsichord and organ


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